Who We Are?

A story from Jelimy, founder of Gootium

While I was volunteering abroad on a rural farm in Australia(wwoof), I spotted a farmer’s canvas bag that had marks and lines from years of use, but it didn’t look tatty. It was simple but full of charm, every stitch and buckle was crafted beautifully.

Inspired by the craftsmanship of this bag and the ancient fabrics it was made from, I followed my heart and founded Gootium when I moved back home. The meaning of our company name, derived from the latin term ‘otium’, is what me and my team stand for - life spent simply with the best things alongside you.

We want our bags to last a lifetime, so we make them with all of the little details that make your life easier. Gootium canvas bags are made with love in a workshop with over 20 year’s experience.



How we work?

  1. All the metal accessories and the genuine leather trims are customized to make them high quality enough.
  2. Produce every single bag, made of pure cotton canvas with our specially garment wash treatment to achieve vintage look and retro style.

What customer service we provide?

  • Should you find any issue of your bag? Please feel free to let us know, we would be responsible for any quality issue of bags itself.
  • Or have any query, email us and we will get back to you ASAP.