Canvas Crossbody Satchel #30829

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  • #30829 Canvas Crossbody Satchel

    Lightweight but tough, the Gootium #30829 is the perfect cross body bag for those who like to pack smart and take only what they need. With a retro outlook and smart organized pockets, as well as the reasonable storage compartment, this small satchel can handle most of your daily essentials with ease, it perfectly suits for work, school or short day excursion.

    • MATERIAL: 16oz High Density Full Cotton Canvas with Garment Wash Technique.
    • LINING:  All Cotton Woven Fabric, Which is widely applied to casual clothing due to its comfortable properties and air permeability.
    • DIMENSIONS: Length 9.8", Width 3.5", Height 8.7" approximately
    • WEIGHT: 1.2 Pounds
    • STRAP LENGTH: Adjustable upto 4 feet (135CM)
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    • International shipping charges will apply.
Military Green


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  • Classic & old style messenger bag

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